American civil war swords

Civil War preservations

Antique historical civil war swords for sale: among those authentic American war swords you can find M1840 Artillery, M1852 Ames Navy - Commodore Perry Expo
Dark Knight Armoury

Selling Civil War swords that have served as an officer weapon, used as a symbol, as well as an effective weapon for the officer or cavalry rider to wield.
Historic Alarms

Buy & sell, authenticate and appraise Confederate and Union Civil War Swords and Sabers and always maintain a large selection of Antique Swords for Sale.
Medical Antiques

Selling a Model 1840 'Medical Service' marked sword, which is uncleaned, in original condition as found, with full patina of the brass scabbard and handle with no dings or dents.
Weapons Universe

Selling fine military sabers that are faithful reproductions of those carried into battle during the American Civil War and will delight historians and collectors alike.

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