Japanese swords

Antique Japanese swords list of websites selling authentic samurai sword.Resources for purchasing ancient, old katanas.

Functional Japanese swords pages where you can find battle ready samurai swords and katana replicas for sale online.

Japanese sword making websites that will explain to you how Japanese swords are made and katana blades are forged.

Japanese practice swords list of pages where you can purchase online a iato, the martial art aluminum training japanese sword.

Custom Japanese swords resources online for handmade katanas and customized samurai swords.

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Japanese long sword, a daito is the most common weapon used by the samurai in the pre-Industrial era of Japan. In the contemporary times, it aptly symbolizes the glorious conquests.

Masamune sword, read all about the legendary swords of Goro Nyudo Masamune and know why they are considered national treasures of Japan.

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