Swords by country

Filipino swords directory of sites where you can purchase online escrima sticks, kris, Katipunan, Kampilan, Tausug, Barong and other kind of Philippines swords.

French swords list of websites where you can find resources about famous officer swords, naval cutlass and antique sword from France.

British swords pages selling antique military swords, English ceremonial sword, edged weapons and cavalry sword from Great Britain.

Spanish swords sites that are related to sword from Spain: rapier, conquistador, military sword and others.

Scottish swords websites selling historic, classic, replicas, military sword from Scottland.

Egyptian swords selection of web pages devoted to ancient swords and daggers from Egypt.

German swords antique, dress officer, ceremonial and other germanic sword for sale in this category.

American swords resources about US swords online: antique, military, Civil War sword for sale.

Islamic sword websites dedicated to middle-east swords like Scimitar or Takouba and others.

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