Sword making

Learn more about the art & technique of sword making & discover the history of famous sword maker

How to make a sword?, A beginner’s guide to the sword making techniques. This article will show you the outline of the stages of how to make a sword. Learn some tips before actually making the sword.

Masamune sword, If England has the legendary Excalibur, Japan has its national treasures of Masamune swords. Find out the stories and legends behind the greatest Japanese sword maker of all time, Goro Nyudo Masamune.

Katana sword making, Learn the spiritual art of making a katana. Learn about the process of folding, clay coating, and polishing a katana blade and understand the signification of the marks you can find on the katana blade.

Paul Chen sword maker, find out about Paul Chen & his multi-million dollar sword-making Hanwei company. Learn how he constantly reinvent and recreat historical swords and particularly katana.

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