How to collect swords

Sword collecting guide for beginners, collecting sword basics

How to collect swords

Sword collecting for beginners, How do I collect swords & start my sword collection? Learn the basics of collecting swords - familiarizing the sword industry, how to buy swords, strategies in buying swords, how to clean swords, etc..

What are the different types of swords?, Before starting a sword collection, you have to know what are the different kinds of swords, medieval swords, samurai swords, fantasy swords and more.

Brief history of swords, From the Bronze Age to the Modern Era: learn about the evolution of swords. Find out how these bladed weapons were used by people from different civilizations and from different periods.

How to distinguish real swords from fake swords, Make no mistake in buying swords, especially from online sword shops. Learn the qualities that you would have to look for in a sword to avoid buying fake swords. Also learn some short guideline in buying swords for beginners.

What are the different types of replica swords, Learn about the types of replica swords – ornamental swords that are good as wall hangers and battle ready swords that can be used in sword fighting and reenacted combats in theater. Also learn what the famous fantasy collectible swords are.

Cheap & affordable swords buying guide, How to purchase inexpensive but quality swords? This sword collecting guide gives you tips on how to buy affordable swords on a budget. Find out too how you can buy cheap ornamental sword, low cost fantasy sword, and inexpensive swords for the kids.

How to collect replica & ornamental swords, Learn here the things you need to know about ornamental sword. This article also includes information on decorative sword replicas and how to collect antique ornamental sword.

How to care & maintain your swords, Find out the best ways in caring and maintaining for your collectible swords. If you want to protect your swords from early deterioration, you have to take sword maintenance seriously.

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