Samurai swords

Everything you have to know about samurai swords

What is a Samurai sword? discover how a katana sword becomes the soul of a samurai. The samurai katanas are a symbol of honor and pride of the legendary military warriors of old Japan. Until in the modern times, the spirit of the Samurai lives on.

Samurai sword history, read on and discover the rich history of legendary samurai swords. Learn about how ancient Japanese landowners have each contributed and caused the death to the art-form of sword-making in the country and in the whole world.

How to collect samurai swords, this samurai swords collecting guide is going to teach you how to make smart purchases of ancient Japanese swords. Learn here too the many ways to enjoy collecting samurai sword.

Samurai sword set, learn what swords are usually displayed in a samurai sword set, their characteristics, technical description & their different uses for the Japanese warrior.

Samurai swords parts, get to know the parts of the sacred Samurai sword and its brief descriptions. Learn that no part of the sword is useless and some of them are put to represent the character of its owner.

Authentic samurai swords, real Samurai swords buyer guide. Learn about the qualities of a genuine samurai sword and become an expert in distinguishing authentic samurai swords from fake ones.

Best samurai swords, this article is about how to buy quality samurai sword. Find out here the best antique Japanese sword collectibles, as well as newly made katana from modern sword makers.

Antique samurai swords worth, how can I appraise my old samurai sword? Find out the value of your antique tachi, katana, tanto and wakizashi with this simple appraisal guide.

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