Saber swords

Everything you have to know about sabers

What are saber swords? Sabers were the most feared weapons of cavalrymen in pre-war world. Be a saber expert today: learn the most important information on the rise of sabers and their use in the battlefield throughout the history of warfare.

Fencing Saber, Saber is the fastest fencing sport featured in Summer Olympics since 1896. Fancy a bit of the swordplay action? Read this short manual on the mechanics of saber fencing and take your chances at becoming a world-class sportsman.

Light sabers have saved the Star Wars galaxy from falling to ruination and death. For that, they are the most famous of all fictional swords in history and have captured the imagination of the many. Read on and let the Force be with you as you learn the history, functions, and use of a Star Wars light saber.

Collectible Civil War saber sword value, How much is an American Civil War sword worth? Check out our easy self-appraisal guide on how to valuate the price of Civil War saber swords.

Facts about scimitar sword, learn more about this type of sword that has a sharp point and curved blade, which belongs to the category of cutting weapons.

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