Pirate swords

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Pirate swords

What is a pirate sword?, learn about what is a pirate saber sword and its many uses. Learn too what are other swords and weapons that the pirates used during the Golden Age of Piracy (18th century).

What is a cutlass sword? Learn more about cutlass pirate sword history, its parts, and its many uses. Find out also what are the antique English, French, and American navy cutlasses and how to start.

Fantasy pirate swords, Learn about the famous movie pirate swords from Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Find out too what are other collectible fantasy pirate swords that appeared in graphic novels, game card, and books.

Master replicas Jack Sparrow sword, Learn what is a Jack Sparrow pirate sword and its parts. Find out too the legendary life and the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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