Movie fantasy swords

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Movie fantasy swords

How to buy fantasy and movie prop swords, Here is a fantasy sword guide that will protect you and your collection from any fraudulent purchases. Find out how to better make the most out of your money buying fantasy and movie props swords.

Dark Fantasy swords, This primer on fantasy swords will teach you what and how you can collect swords from dark fantasy movie and fiction. Learn too how you can create your own dark fantasy sword.

Daywalker sword, The Daywalker is the sword of vampire hunter Blade in a film series of the same name. Read this fantasy sword guide for important information regarding the world of Daywalker, movie sword replica, and other swords used in Blade movies.

Dragon sword, Among fantasy swords, the dragon sword tops the list for sheer inventiveness and creativity. Get tips on how to design your own dragon sword by reading this fantasy sword collecting guide.

Excalibur sword, Are you an avid fan of Arthurian legend? Want to become a Knight in the Round Table? This article is a comprehensive fantasy swords guide on the legend, sword replicas, and movie props sword of King Arthur.

Highlander Swords, Highlander films are considered cult classic among critics and movie historians. Be an avid fan to these engrossing movies and a well-informed sword buyer of collectible movie fantasy swords.

Sword of Damocles, The Damocles Sword is a poignant story that reveals the difficulty and fear of being the ruler of the people. Read the story here and learn the message of humility and contentment.

Reverse Blade Sword, a fantasy swords guide on the world of Samurai X and the Reverse Blade sword of Himura Kenshin. Find here some of the exquisite fantasy sword replicas from the Samurai X movie and other Kenshin media.

Spartan sword, Learn the history of Greek-Persian Battle of Thermopylae as popularized by the Frank Miller movie, 300. You can also discover some of the exquisite replicas of King Leonidas sword, as well as other collectible movie swords used in the film.

Final Fantasy swords, Final Fantasy is considered the best-selling franchise of all times. Be part of a growing fan community who appreciates its popular fantasy swords and popular anime movie sword collectibles.

Lord of the Rings sword, a complete guide to fantasy swords popular and famous in Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy. Learn the names and strengths of each collectible movie sword owned by the heroes and main characters.

7 Swords, Seven Swords is a 2005 Hong Kong-produced martial art film rediscovering the cultural upheaval of a Medieval China. Learn here the meanings, strengths, and powers of the 7 fantasy swords of Master Miu.

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