Medieval swords

Middle age swords guide & info for beginners

What is a medieval sword? Kingdoms and civilization rise and fall with the use of swords. Find out how the swords of the Dark Ages have shaped our history and how their power to attract our attention and imagination is enduring.

History of medieval sword, Medieval swords were the guns and bullets of yesteryears. Read on and discover the development and production of medieval swords, the lethal Angels of Death in the Dark Ages.

How to collect medieval swords, This medieval swords collecting guide will teach you on how to start building your Middle age sword collection. Learn here too how you can best keep your collection in top condition.

Knight sword, The knight sword remains to be the emblem of bravery, even if the knights have already gone. Find out how fact and fiction have each contributed to the popularity of knight sword in the past, as well as in the present.

Viking Swords, The Vikings have been misunderstood and misinterpreted as fierce savages for a thousand of years. Find out how their artistry found in Nordic sword, seamanship, and civilization matched up to prevailing cultures of medieval history.

Knights templar swords, The Knights Templar had opened formerly inaccessible Holy Land back to Christian control. Find out how their swords, the product of advanced metalworking, have succeeded in repossessing Jerusalem.

Medieval sword fighting, Many of the world’s greatest civilizations were attacked and defended by the skill of their swordsmen. Read the history of medieval sword fighting techniques and how medieval swords and swordsmanship have survived through time.

Medieval fantasy swords, Medieval fantasy swords are said to unite science, metalworking, and magic into one. Read on and discover how modern sword-smiths are given free rein in interpreting the creation and design of medieval swords.

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