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About Katana

What is a Katana sword? know the story behind the most revered Japanese sword – its history, characteristics, and parts. Also learn how to take care of your Katana sword especially if you are a collector who is into katana training.

History of the katana, travel back in time as you journey through the evolution of early Japanese swords to katana swords. Learn the ways of the Samurai and see how important and sacred the katana is for the noble warrior.

Katana making & marking, learn the complexities of the spiritual art of making a katana sword. Learn about folding, clay coating, and polishing a sword blade. Discover the different kinds of Japanese sword marks like signatures, file marks, artistic carvings, and blood grooves.

Katana training, learn about the different types of training weapons used in Japanese sword arts and fighting techniques. Find out the ways and principles of the martial arts kenjutsu, aikido, iaido, and kendo.

Original katanas, katana swords are instruments of death used by cavalrymen in ancient Japan and were sometimes called the doom of foot soldiers. Learn how ancient smiths have perfected their forging and transformed them to become works of art.

Paul Chen Katana, the nobility of the samurai soldiers and the strength of their katana swords are constantly being reinvented and recreated by Paul Chen, the sword maker. Discover how his hobby on Japanese metalworking has led him to establish the multi-million dollar sword-making Hanwei company.

Katana sword FAQ, learn here the basic answers to your most frequently asked questions about katana swords. Read a bit of history of Japanese sword making, how katana swords look like, the important parts of katana sword, and etc.

Sharpening Katana, find out how to sharpen katana blade and the different materials that you need. Learn how to identify katana swords that are meant to be sharpened personally and those that should only be sharpened by experts.

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