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Japanese Swords

Japanese sword FAQ, find the answers to your frequently asked questions about Japanese swords. This article will help you learn about the history of the Japanese swords, how they are made, how much they are worth, and other basic information you ought to know as a collector.

Japanese sword history, travel back in time as we follow on the history of Japanese swords in different eras and dynasties. See the evolution of sword making and how swords became important weapons of the feudal Japan.

Japanese sword making, discover how a real Japanese sword is made. By learning Japanese sword making become an expert in purchasing a samurai sword by knowing the difference between forged authentic Japanese swords and fakes.

Japanese sword markings, aside from being decorative, find out what are the purposes of marks on Japanese swords. Learn about file marks, temper lines, blood grooves, and artistic carvings and discover how these markings help in identifying the value of a Japanese sword.

Japanese Iado swords, a guide to buying the right iaito sword for iaido martial arts practitioners. Learn the basic qualities that you should look for in an iaido practice sword. With the right training sword, you efficiently and gracefully perform the art of drawing a sword.

Japanese long sword, find out what are the differences between Japanese long swords: tachi, nodachi, odachi, and katana. Tips on how to collect Japanese daito swords.

Japanese swords sharpening, in Japanese swords collecting, it is important to learn how to sharpen samurai swords and katana. Find out here how you can identify what swords to be polished by experts, swords that you can polish by yourself, and the important materials to be needed.

Japanese military swords worth & value, what is the value of a Japanese war swords? Learn the factors that influence the value of an antique gunto sword? A step-by-step guide on assessing the worth of your old Japanese military sword.

Old Japanese sword value, how much is the worth of my antique nihonto? Find out the selling price of your antique Japanese Imperial Army and samurai swords with this simple valuation guide.

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