Greek swords

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Greek Swords

What is a Greek sword? The Greeks were proud poets and warriors of the olden times. Find out how they wielded their swords in battles, in conquest of the world, and in spreading their culture throughout the ancient world.

Greek swords FAQ, This Greek swords guide answers your frequently asked questions about Greek culture in general and its warfare in particular. Read on and learn the most important things about the Greeks and their battle swords.

History of Greek swords, Ancient Greek swords scoured the face of the earth and conquered the whole world. Learn how the Greeks, through the help of their gods, became the superpower war machine of the old times.

Greek sword fighting, The Greeks consider archery unfit for a soldier, but they didn’t use swords either as primary weapon. Learn how, in spite of the simplicity of Greek sword fighting skills, they defeated the Persians and conquered the ancient world.

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