Civil war swords

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What is a civil war sword?, Civil War swords are grim reminders of America’s darkest hour. Be a collector, learn the role of the swords in the unfolding drama, and discover how they helped shaped democracy as we know it today.

Civil war swords history, The Civil War is the deadliest war in America, with a toll of more than half a million soldiers. Find out how to see the silver lining behind this dark episode by reading on the history of swords used during the US Civil War.

Civil War Cavalry Swords, American Civil War cavalry sabers were the feared swords at the height of Union and Confederate conflict in 1862. Learn how to be an expert on the collection of swords used by US horsemen, and be guided on how to protect your money from unscrupulous antique dealers.

American Civil War sword value, How can I determine the value of my US Civil War sword? Pre-assess the potential price of your swords and sabers from the watershed moment of America’s history.

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