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Real swords, Guide for beginners in buying authentic swords and avoid purchasing cheaply and poorly made fake swords.

Brief History of Swords, Learn the different types of sword according to the different eras they existed. Learn about the origin of the sword.

Antique samurai sword value, “How much is this old samurai sword worth?” If you inherited, bought or in possession of an antique katana, tanto or wakizashi, you may have already asked this question.

7 Swords, Seven Swords is a Hong Kong blockbuster hit of 2005 starring Chinese martial arts legends Donnie Yen Chi-Tan, Liu Chia-Lang (Lau Kar-leung), and director Tsui Hark.

Lord of the Rings swords, One of the most popularly traded, Anduril the sword of Aragorn has already been interpreted to real life by readers and sword aficionado years before the movie was released.

Final Fantasy swords, Final Fantasy is a Japanese multimedia franchise that is into PC, video games, console games, role playing games (RPG), animation, motion picture, and comic books.

Spartan sword, The Spartan sword is reserved for close combat, when the phalanx has cracked open or the shield has splintered or the spearhead has broken off.

Reverse blade sword, Hitokiri Battousai is the world’s deadliest samurai assassin in 18th century Japan, a violent era called Bakumatsu, when he suddenly disappeared.

Sword of Damocles, The Sword of Damocles has been a legend since the ancient times yet its lesson endures without end. Historians first attribute it to Timaeus of Sicily in the 3rd century BC although it is believed to be much older than that.

Highlander swords, The 1986 fantasy film Highlander is considered one of the biggest franchises of pulp fiction.

Excalibur sword, King Arthur’s supernatural power has been attributed to the enchanted Sword in the Stone named Clarent.

Dragon sword, Among fantasy swords, dragon sword has the most number of replicas, interpretation, and fiction.

Daywalker sword, The Daywalker sword was the stuff of 1973 comic book titled, Blade.

Dark fantasy swords, Dark fantasy swords are the weapons used by the heroes and villains of a subgenre of fantasy. Dark fantasy is a combination of supernatural horror, suspense and fantasy.

How to buy fantasy and movie prop swords, Many fantasy sword collectors today have been avid fans of a popular video, online role-playing games, or anime movies.

Civil war cavalry swords, In the history of Civil War swords, the first of cavalry swords used by American generals and officers were European imports.

Essential facts about the scimitar sword, A scimitar is a type of sword that has a sharp point and curved blade, which belongs to the category of cutting weapons.

Light saber, Wanting to fight with a sword like Master Yoda or Darth Vader or Obi Wan Kenobi? Learn here the rich narrative of the Star Wars universe and the light sabers of Jedi masters.

Fencing saber, The modern saber used in fencing matches is quite different from the traditional cavalry sabers of the past

Fencing rapiers, Early rapiers, as noted in the article history of rapier, were heavy and used decisively for cutting and thrusting.

History of rapier, Rapier first appeared in late medieval period, a time when commoners, merchants, and townsfolk prospered through war lootings

What is a rapier?, A rapier is a single-handed, slender blade with a thick cross-section. The blade may or may not have any edges

German daggers, To learn the importance of Nazi daggers, we need to look at the history of Germany first.

History of daggers, The creation of daggers started with the discovery and mining of pliable, but sturdy metals.

What is a dagger?, A dagger has the size of a knife. It is a one-handed, bladed shortsword made up of two cutting edges tapering to a sharp point along the centerline of the blade.

Medieval fantasy swords, Medieval fantasy swords are, in all sense, fantasy swords. They come in all unusual shapes and sizes, all of them grabbing our attention on the first glance.

Medieval sword fighting, The Romans were the first people who have started using sword in a large scale.

Knights templar swords, Out of the countless knights and knight orders in the Medieval Ages, none is more popular subject of speculation than the Knights Templar.

Viking swords, It isn’t true the Vikings, also called the Normans or the Nordic tribes, did not know civilization during the Middle Ages.

Knight sword, Folklores have not spared the knight sword of the Medieval Ages from attaining mythical status.

How to collect medieval swords, If you are planning to build a sword collection, here are our seven expert advice before you get started

History of medieval sword, Medieval swords are like leaves. They spring forth from different branches, but they belong to only one tree.

What is a medieval sword?, For historians, this is not an easy question to answer. They may point to a large sword now on display in Fries museum of Netherlands.

Roman sword fighting techniques, The Roman army was considered the best of its days, and it heavily used military science to defeat enemies.

History of Roman swords, Read on and discover how the Roman swords have swept the ancient Europe, Asia, and Africa to establish the greatest Empire of the ancient world.

What is a Roman sword?, If legends are true historical accounts, the origin of Rome is bathed in blood. It is said that Romulus and Remus founded Rome along the banks of river Tiber, Italy, in 8th century.

Greek sword fighting, If there is one proof to the strength of Greek sword fighting, it would be the Battle of Marathon in 490 B.C.

History of Greek swords, The history of Greek swords is the history of the Greek civilization. The life of a Greek citizen is considered incomplete without his participation to a war

What is a Greek sword?, The Greeks did not invent war, much as they did not invent the wheel. But they invented pretty much everything, from philosophy to stage drama to astronomy to tactical battle positions.

Antique Japanese sword value, Traditional Japanese swords, also referred to as nihonto, are the finest cutting weapon ever produced; and they’re highly-priced.

Civil war swords value, One of the best militaria collectibles from the American Civil War period is the sword.

Fake antique Japanese swords, Antique sword identification of old Japanese swords from the olden times is a very specialized skill. There are over 200 accessories of samurai swords, resulting to endless variety of designs.

Antique Japanese swords, Soldiers of today do not use swords as primary weapons, knowing that there are not anymore efficient.

Rare swords, Serious collectors always turn their attention to acquiring rare swords, weapons of the past that are rich in stories of warfare and filled with extraordinary tales of heroism.

Antique sword auctions, Antique sword auctions are considered to be the largest source of authentic swords from the past, next to barter and direct selling.

Antique sword value, If you plan on having your sword appraised, you must at least have a well-founded idea of its identity and worth.

Real ninja swords, Learn what is a ninja sword and discover the tricks, treacheries and other deceitful ways of a ninja to accomplish a mission.

Ninja sword history, A ninja is a Japanese warrior highly trained in unconventional arts of war. They have a sword called ninjato which they bring along wherever they go.

Old Japanese military sword value, Right after the 2nd World War, thousands of Japanese military swords, or gunto, were surrendered to the Allied Forces.

What is a ninja sword?, Know what a ninjato is and find out whether real ninja swords still exist in modern times.

Japanese sword sharpening, In Japan, sword-making was a sacred craft of mountain monks. The work later on was handed to blacksmithing families where the secrets of forging and alchemy were transmitted generation to generation.

Japanese long sword, Japanese long sword or a daito is the most common weapon used by the samurai in the pre-Industrial era of Japan. In the contemporary times, it aptly symbolizes the glorious conquests.

Japanese iaido swords, Japanese iaido swords, more commonly known as iaito, are the weapons used in practicing the Japanese martial art iaido.

Japanese sword markings, Japanese sword markings are very significant in identifying an authentic Japanese sword. The age and value of antique Japanese swords are also determined through file marks that are etched on the tang.

Japanese sword making, This article will help you distinguish an authentic from fake Japanese swords by learning the basics of Japanese sword making.

Japanese sword history, Meet the greatest swordsmith of Japan history. Masamune was known for his high quality and beautiful swords despite the impurities of steel in his time.

Japanese sword FAQ, Are you an expert sword collector or are you just starting to love Japanese sword collecting? But whether you a novice collector or not, surely you also have some queries about your hobby.

Sharpening katana, For ancient smiths katana sword was not only a matter of forging, but it was also a matter of sharpening.

Original katanas, Our knowledge on original katana is based largely on the many stories we find from Japanese animation shows.

Katana training, A Japanese sword is a prominent and sacred icon to the Japanese culture. One of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan (Imperial Regalia) is a sword which has been handed down through many generations.

History of the katana, The katana sword is also referred to as the Samurai sword though that is only one of the swords that a Samurai warrior brings with him in battle.

What is a katana sword?, One of the most famous Japanese swords until today is the katana sword also referred as the samurai sword.

Authentic samurai sword, An authentic Samurai sword is quite hard to find nowadays, and when you would happen to find one, it could be quite expensive.

Samurai swords parts, The Samurai sword is an ancient Japanese sword known to be the deadliest weapon of the high-ranked warriors in warfare.

Samurai sword set, In pre-industrial Japan, a samurai sword forged for a long time and was considered a sacred art of sword making.

How to collect samurai swords, Interested in collecting samurai swords? Great. You go over the internet to know a bit of facts about them.

Samurai sword history, Samurai sword history are shrouded in mystery and legends. One of these stories point out to a master swordsmith by the name Amakuni from Yamato Province.

What is a Samurai sword?, Learn why the katana swords remain to be a most important piece of Japan history and why it is one of the most popularly collected swords for enthusiasts.

Paul Chen katana, Read on and discover the beauty and art of Paul Chen katana sword.

Katana making and marking, Making katana sword is a sacred art in Japan history. It is a long and a ritualistic process that would take days to weeks and could only create one sword at a time.

Masamune sword, Read all about the legendary swords of Goro Nyudo Masamune and know why they are considered national treasures of Japan.

How to make a sword?, Sword making is something that requires sufficient knowledge and great experience.

Civil war swords history, The American Civil War was not a test for arms and military superiority. Soldiers were simple farmers and working fathers rooted out of their homes to fight for the ideals and values they believe in.

What is a civil war sword?, This introduction to Civil War swords will not only answer your frequently asked questions on sword collecting, but will also lead you to the heart of American democracy.

What is a Chinese sword?, Learn about the Chinese sword history and the different types of swords from China: jian, dadao, hook sword, butterfly knives and changdao.

Master replicas sparrow sword, Jack Sparrow, as portrayed by Johnny Depp, is one of the heroes of this pirates tale and other than his character in the movie his sword became popular among collectors of movie props sword.

Fantasy pirate sword, Pirates have been sailing and conducting robberies in the seas for as long as mankind has used the sea for trade.

What is a cutlass sword?, These weapons are usually sturdy enough to break down doors and cut rope, and short enough for close combat on the deck of ships, so it is commonly referred to as a sailors sword.

Sword care and maintenance, Learn how to maintain your sword collection. Not taking care of it can lead to early deterioration while caring for it the wrong way may decrease their value.

Ornamental swords, Ornamental swords also known as decorative swords come in different shapes, sizes and origins. These weapons may have been replicas of legendary swords that were used by heroes and villains since time immemorial both with factual and fictional backgrounds.

Cheap sword for sale, For most avid collectors of these weapons, the aesthetic value of a piece is only a meter of the whole nine yards of what they are looking for.

Replica sword, Replica collectible swords can be functional and can also be purely decorative. They can be imitations of medieval swords and movie replica swords.

Types of Swords, To list down all the different types of swords could possibly take a long time and a long read.

Sword collecting for beginners, Sword collecting for beginners may sound exciting especially for the young new collectors.

Katana sword faq, Here are the most frequently asked questions about katana swords and their corresponding answers.

Best samurai swords, Whether you’re looking for antique or modern samurai swords, it is always necessary to look at their quality. This article is going to teach you how to buy the best samurai Japanese swords for sale.

What is a pirate sword?, Almost all of pirate swords were plunders from seized ships. Thus, the pirates could possess many exotic scimitars, falchion, rapiers and other swords..

Greek swords FAQ, This article answers your most frequently asked questions about Greek culture in general and ancient Greek swords in particular.

What are saber swords?, Military strategists and weaponry makers throughout history have given special attention to the needs of the cavalry and infantry.

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