Sword collecting for beginners

Starting your swords collection, collectible sword guide

Sword collecting for beginners may sound exciting especially for the young new collectors. Some of them may have found interest in collectible swords out of fantasy movies, cartoons, or computer games.

However, this hobby is also something to be taken seriously as it requires sense of maturity and discipline.

Have what it takes to be a real sword enthusiast by following these simple guidelines.

1. Familiarize the sword industry

As a starter, you are expected to know the basics about what collectible swords are. It is best to start things off with a little research and acquaint your self with the fundamental knowledge such as the part of the swords – blade, forte, edge, tang, hilt or handle, pommel (the knob found at the hilt), etc. If you are interested enough, you would learn by heart a glossary of sword terminologies!

In your research, you will also discover famous types of collectible swords like Katana sword or a Ninja sword and find out about medieval swords, Excalibur swords, and other ancient swords. Familiarization with the stories, legends, and histories of the swords is a good way to fuel your passion in collecting them.

collectible sword collecting2. On how to buy your sword

Starting your sword collection usually sets off with buying your own sword. In many instances, being given a collectible sword as a Christmas or birthday gift may also encourage sword collecting for beginners.

The best way to buy your swords is to visit stores personally. Now, don’t go to some ordinary souvenir shops but to stores that specialize in collectible swords.

In there you will find replica swords, real swords, ornamental swords, or even antique swords.

To save time and effort, particularly if the stores are quite distant from your home, list down prior to your store hopping, some probable shops where you can find the sword you are looking for. You can compare prices ahead by calling the shops through their phone or browsing through their websites beforehand.

Acquiring the sword online may be risky in sword collecting for beginners, so it is highly encouraged to only consider purchasing online when you already have enough knowledge and experience in transactions through the internet.

Most importantly, you have to save up money. Battle ready swords can cost you a lot. Antique sword value can be $30,000 more or less. Ornamental swords can be cheaper but not all collectors get satisfaction from decorative swords.

Japanese samurai sword3. Maintaining and caring

Collecting include sword care and maintenance. The number one rule that you should always keep in mind is to keep the swords out of reach of children. It is self-explanatory that there is danger if kids can easily have access to your pieces. In addition to that, the usual carefree attitude of children also endangers the quality of your swords. Most of the time, blades are not supposed to be touched or they could rust.

It is as well advised that when you hang your swords on your walls for display, use steel hooks and not aluminum for it encourages a damaging reaction like rusting to your collectible items. Keep your collection in a sealed, dry place so that corrosion will not befall on your priced possessions.

Same applies in storing your collectible swords, keep humidity down in the place where you are to hide them and a desiccant (substance that removes moisture) can aid you for that. You may also coat sheaths and scabbards with a special kind of oils.

Your swords may and may not require cleaning and that shall depend on some factors and the need. Most of the time, cleaning and sharpening should only be done by experts and professionals. Doing it yourself might lead to irreparable damage.

Those are a few primary things one novice collector ought to know. Everything starts with interest and kept up by discipline and maturity. With all these three, sword collecting for beginners will be a smooth sailing venture.

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