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In 17th century, Captain Jack Sparrow was born to a pirate father onboard a ship battling a storm in Indian Ocean. He suffered abuses in the pirate world so he fled for freedom in Caribbean island called Tortuga. He swore to never return to piracy, but unfortunately he could not escape his fate.

Captain Jack Sparrow the Pirate

As a young man, he worked in East India Trading Company transporting slaves. He however refused to hand over the slaves to the traders out of pity. His boss got angry; the ship he captained was mysteriously burned and Jack Sparrow was accused as the arsonist. Jobless and with a ruined reputation, he became a pirate.

Most iconic pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean

This is how the life of Captain Jack Sparrow started. He is considered the most popular pirate in Walt Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movies and portrayed by Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Captain Jack Sparrow is quirky, walks with a drunken swagger, has kohl-lined eyes, and has dreadlocks gathered about in a red bandanna.

Captain Jack Sparrow swords

Captain Jack Sparrow is famous for his pirate sword(please link to What is a pirate sword). In the film he used the English military hanger. It is a longer version of the cutlass sword (please insert to What is a cutlass sword). The hanger is made of broad blade which was either straight or slightly curved, with a cupped or basket hilt.

The hanger is a slashing and cutting sword. It was easy to use because it required very basic training. It was also ideal for naval use because it was serviceable in cutting ropes, canvas, wood, and sails.

The legends of Captain Jack Sparrow sword

Captain Jack Sparrow bought his hanger sword in Tortuga. He would have picked up a cutlass, but he thought that a few added inches of the hanger sword was going to give him better advantage.

Jack used his hanger sword in several occasions: his duel against Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl; against Hector Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; and against Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest.

The last appearance of his sword was in Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End. It was snapped into two by Jones’ powerful claws. Luckily, Captain Jack Sparrow used the remaining shards of his hanger sword to stab the heart of Davy Jones, killing him.

Movie prop: Pirates of the Caribbean sword

Johnny Depp, in playing the character Captain Jack Sparrow, used a genuine antique English military hanger for the Pirates of the Caribbean film. It was made in 1740s. It has a cupped hilt, a slightly curved blade, a brass knuckle guard, a wooden grip, and a globed pommel.

Master replicas Jack Sparrow sword

Walt Disney has licensed the reproduction of Captain Jack Sparrow sword, which is called master replicas Jack Sparrow sword. This fantasy pirate sword is made of stainless steel with a design that resembles to the original English military hanger of Jack Sparrow. It is sold on limited edition, with only 3,000 copies up for grabs.

A.) Price

The price range of these master replicas of Jack Sparrow sword is between 150-200 dollars. They come with a numbered Limited Edition plaque and installed in an antique style wall frame.

B.) Blade

Master replicas of Jack Sparrow pirate sword were made from easy-to-care stainless steel. It is acid etched to imprint rust stains for an aged look. A smooth blood groove or fuller is found at the backside of the sword to give it strength and flexibility. The grip is made of wood.

A closer look at the sword reveals a worn out blade, a characteristic greatly admired since the original hanger sword had been used in many battles.

C.) Hilt

Master replica Jack Sparrow sword is made with a sturdy full tang. The hilt is a cupped guard of the French style. There is a hook attached on the yellow burlap on the frame where the hilt can be put on.

How to collect master replicas Jack Sparrow sword

You can buy master replicas Jack Sparrow sword in many online sword collectible stores. They offer varying prices, so choose the store that offers the most affordable price. Check out if there is a delivery fee as it might pump up the final price of the Jack Sparrow sword replica (please link to replica sword).

When you buy the sword, please be advised not to remove it out of the frame. Much of its value might be compromised when you do so.

Some distributors have special packages. These packages are quite pricey, but they already include the Captain Jack Sparrow replica sword and other Pirates of the Caribbean collectibles: magic compass, Aztec coin set, silver and golden rings, and flintlock pistol.

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