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A fantasy swords guide to collectible movie swords from the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings

Swords from the world-famous The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) movie and fiction have millions of loyal fans. The cult following has turned into a very solid base of eager buyers of many collectibles: swords, helms, axes, fighting knives, trips to New Zealand—you name it.

These film memorabilia are keys to the magical universe of Middle Earth where elves, dwarves, hobbits, and wizards fight against the Evil Sauron and the gathering darkness.

Famous The Lord of the Rings Swords

There are many swords from LOTR to choose from. For one, the narrative is simple—the heroes have to destroy the Ring in the heart of Evil’s lair—and set in a trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

There are many endearing characters too: the traveler Aragorn, the golden-haired elf Legolas, the stunning Lady Arwen.

Twists to the central plot keep the story entertaining. The epic battles and small ambushes make for exciting display of sword fighting and death matches.

Anduril the Sword of Aragorn

One of the most popularly traded, Anduril the sword of Aragorn has already been interpreted to real life by readers and sword aficionado years before the movie was released. The film’s debut in 2001 set the final shape, design, and form of the sword.

Standard edition Anduril has a meter-long blade. Runes (of the elfish language) are marked on the centerline fuller, the pommel is hollowed and also inscribed in runes, and the hilt has a crossguard.

The grip is two-handed, although the leather wrap covers only the half closer to the crossguard.

Sting the Sword of Frodo Baggins and the swords of the Hobbits

The Sting is the sword carried by Frodo Baggins, the main hero in the film. It was also the sword used formerly by Bilbo Baggins, the uncle of Frodo.

The swords of Frodo and his hobbit friends measure no longer than 60 centimeters, as hobbits are half the height of Men.

The Sting is the most important among hobbit swords. In real-life, the Sting is interpreted as having a 40cm-long blade with a raised centerline fuller.

Elfish runes are inscribed in a vine design on the blade. The grip is made of hardwood.

Glamdring the sword of Gandalf the Wizard

The fantasy sword Glamdring belongs to Gandalf the Wizard. According to the book, Glamdring has a beautiful ivory scabbard, its hilts covered in jewels.

In the movie, Glamdring sword’s grip has a leather-wrap, a centerline groove for a fuller tapering to a point, and runes inscribed in the crossguard.

The whole sword is over a meter long, while the blade is 0.9 meter long.

Fighting Knives of Legolas

Legolas is the only Elf in the Fellowship of the Ring, the group tasked to destroy the ring of Sauron. In the book as well as in the film, he brings bow and arrows as primary weapons.

In close combats, his fighting knives come in handy. Legolas has only one fighting knife or long dagger in the book; in the trilogy however, he has two.

Overall length of the fighting knives of Legolas is half a meter, the blade is about 40 centimeters long.

His knives have clipped-back point, without any guards. The grip is made in oak hardwood decorated with elfish vines.

Uruk Hai Scimitars

Uruk Hais are the fighting race of Orcs, the soldiers of the Evil Sauron.

The fantasy swords that they carry in the movie are rugged-looking, crudely designed straight blades with a sharp left spike at the point.

The Orcs swords have usual length of 0.8 meters, with a blade that reaches to about 0.6 meters.

They Uruk Hai scimitars usually look old and chipped, like they have been used haphazardly. The grip has a simple leather wrap.

Hadhafang the sword of Arwen

The beautiful Lady Arwen shows her fighting form with Hadhafang, a fantasy sword forged by her Elven kins. Lady Arwen in the film would later on marry Aragorn. Hadhafang has a length of about a meter. The blade is about .75 meters long.

The overall appearance of this movie sword looks like that of the fighting knives of Legolas, except that it has a more curved blade and a longer tapered point.

Elfish vines, runes, and other marks can be seen on the hilt (without a crossguard) and on the blade.

Battle Axe of Gimli

Gimli is the only dwarf in the Fellowship of the Ring and, instead of a sword, he carries an axe.

The fantasy axe blade reaches to about 0.3 meters, with cast metal fittings.

The grip has a leather wrap. Two blades are fixed to the tip of wooden staff. The whole battle axe has a length of about a meter.

Other Lord of the Rings swords

Aside from these popular fantasy swords from the LOTR movie, there are other blades that can be purchased and traded.

For instance, the sword of King Theoden of Rohan (seen in the The Two Towers), Boromir sword (seen in the Fellowship of the Ring), Eowyn sword (seen in The Two Towers), and Elven Warrior sword (seen in The Return of the King) are all favorite collectibles.

The demand for villainy swords is also on the rise. You can go for the gnarled Ringwraith sword (Ringwraiths are shadow servants of Sauron) and the Witch King sword (the leader of the Ringwraiths).

Buying Lord of the Rings swords

The LOTR franchise has granted rights for some distribution companies to produce and sell licensed replicas of the movie swords and other collectibles like helms and costumes. If you go to online shopping sites, their products are clearly marked with “officially licensed”, a certificate of authenticity, and a serial number.

On the other hand, there are other companies who have produced replicas of the movie swords without any license. Their products are usually priced half as expensive as the licensed fantasy swords. See the article How to buy fantasy and movie prop swords for more discussion on licensed, limited, and standard edition swords.

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