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A primer on Star Wars light sabers

Star Wars Light sabers are remarkable swords. Their blades are not made of metals, but light energy. They can deflect lightning bolts with ease.

They can cut through anything—a three-meter thick blast door is peanuts, and it can be bored through in minutes. Of course, like metal swords, they are used for close combat duel: cutting, slashing, and thrusting human flesh.

What is a Star Wars light saber

Also known as laser sword, the light saber is a sword famous for duel fights in the fictional galaxy of Star Wars. It is the personal sword of Jedi masters and knights – an order of warriors tasked to protect and guard the galaxy from malice and corruption. It is unfortunate that the light saber is also the sword for the Sith—the evil counterpart of Jedi. It is with these two military orders that the galaxy hangs in a delicate balance of peace and war.

Parts of the Star Wars light saber

The light saber is a sword of special construction. Around 99.9% of its weight is in the hilt; the blade is a weightless band of energy. The laser sword is singularly unique. No two light sabers are the same. This is precisely because of the tradition that each Jedi warrior has to forge his or her own sword.

• Jedi Light saber handle or hilt is about 30 centimeters long. It is composed of three parts: power cell, focusing crystals, and stabilizing energy channel. The power cell produces the energy to be used. The focusing crystals are responsible for the transformation of raw power to laser energy. The stabilizing energy channel refines the energy flow and is responsible for the final shape of radiating energy. A superconductor is fitted in the channel to let the energy go back to the power cell.

• Jedi Light saber blade is a weightless band of pure energy. Its length is adjusted by the stabilizing energy channel through the control knobs. Its color is largely determined by the choice of crystal used. Colors can identify the order or the owner of the sword. For instance, Darth Vader and most of the Sith soldiers carry a red blade, Luke Skywalker blue, and Master Yoda green.

• Jedi Light saber control knobs for blade power and length. The control knobs are lining up at the surface of the hilt. Through them, the sword can be activated or deactivated, the blade shortened or lengthened, and the power output adjusted.

The making of a Star Wars light saber: a Jedi training

The making of a light saber is a part of the severe training for aspiring Jedi knights. Because of the tremendous power involved, a Jedi has to have competent knowledge on sword making and a considerable ability to use the Force (an omnipresent otherworldly energy that can be tapped by a warrior to his or her advantage). Hence, younger students are usually given practice light sabers early on and will be allowed to create their own sword once their skills have matured.
Construction of Star Wars light saber

Constructing the Jedi laser sword is a difficult task. The Jedi student performs the ritual in a special cave rich with the light saber crystals. It takes about a month to finish one sword. In times of crisis however, such as war and persecution, the swords have to be forged faster. There are instances when they are made in not less than three days. The construction is usually guided by an attending master. The skill at tapping the Force is necessary to microscopically assemble the parts. Because of this, light saber varies widely from owner to owner. This is highly desirable, because the Jedi and the laser sword have to be one in the fight against evil.

Use of Star Wars light saber

The reason only Jedi students of mature skills can construct the laser sword is that it is highly unwieldy. It is difficult to master the art of dueling without prodigious power. The rigid training starts right during childhood and continues to adulthood.

Jedi students are trained to use light saber and learn its properties. Since they are omni-directional, its cutting ability is limitless. It can cut through almost any materials, except when it is struck with another laser sword, special materials (like cortosis), or water (where it would short out. There are other Jedi light sabers however that can be used underwater). It can melt through ordinary and even stronger metals, and can block strikes of other light sabers.

History of Star Wars light saber

In Star Wars fiction, the use of light saber follows closely with the discovery of the Force and the development of energy-based technology. It was said that a holy man named “the Skywalker” was the first one to use the Force and passed the knowledge to his children. Energy-based technology was perfected during the Great Hyperspace War, the inter-galactic War between the Sith Empire against the Jedi-backed Republic.

Star Wars light sabers today

Now, let’s tune in back to reality. It is unlucky that light saber can only exist in imagination. It is also highly unlikely that any battle ready laser swords can be invented any soon. But the popularity of these Star wars light sabers is here to stay. In fact, generations have continued to hanker for movie props and memorabilia, collecting dvds, and soundtracks of the movie. Such popularity has also helped in the expansion of the Star Wars narrative, as the franchise has included novel, games, and comics.

Collectible Star Wars light sabers

But you can still have your favorite Jedi light sabers into your personal collection. For kids and those who are kids-at-heart, there are many collectible Jedi laser swords that can satisfy your craving for some Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker actions. For people into cosplay (or costume play) gatherings, Jedi light saber replicas—together with T-shirts, Jedi robes, and R2D2-inspired cans—would definitely spark the life of the party.

Some of the exciting features of the best collectible Jedi laser swords in the market include: a real activating and deactivating “crawling” of light inside a transparent blade. There are many colors to choose from: green, red, or blue to go with your favorite Star Wars lead characters and villains. The hilt of Jedi light saber can be made of synthetic plastic fibers or real steel, and is elaborately designed with buttons and knobs. Lastly, it is fitted with realistic sound effects for idling, humming, activating, clashing, and deactivating. These sound effects are controlled automatically by motion sensors. What more can you ask for?

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