How to collect samurai swords

A guide on samurai swords collecting

Interested in collecting samurai swords? Great. You go over the internet to know a bit of facts about them. Then you start looking for auction sites and other web pages offering original katana sword and place your order or bid.

Within a few hours, it is delivered right to your doorstep. Well, the truth is, you might have just wasted your money.

Samurai sword collecting is fun, but it is not as easy as it sounds. It is a highly specialized field. It requires years or even decades (for professionals) of dedicated study to learn appraising the fake from the real.

Here in this article are ten expert advices on how to collect samurai swords for starters.

samurai swords collecting1. Know the history of samurai swords. It is a really good start. It is not only fun to take a trip to Japan’s ancient history, it can also protect you and your hard-earned cash as you build your sword collection. To cut your study much shorter, we suggest you start learning samurai sword making.

2. Join sword collecting communities, museum swords shows, and antique sword auctions. It is through them that you can get to see what you learn from the books. You will also get connected to important dealers who can supply you of authentic samurai swords. Being updated with the collectors’ world and the market will also keep you abreast of the prices of the genuine antique sword collectible.

3. Decide what type of samurai sword you would like to collect. There are simply too many Japanese swords, both from the ancient times up to the present, that are out there waiting to be bought and stored for collection. So it is better to specialize in a particular kind of sword.

Read the article on real antique Japanese sword for more information on the types of samurai swords according to lengths and according to the period of their production.

4. Be familiar with samurai sword parts. Through them, you will be able to appraise the true value of the antique sword. You can start learning about the folded steel samurai sword; the designs of the scabbard (saya), hilt (tsuba), and the guard cord (sageo); and real samurai sword sharpening, which is an essential characteristic of the blade.

Mounted samurai sword5. Learn the basic skill of appraising genuine samurai swords from the counterfeits. Find out our expert advices on this matter by reading the article fake antique Japanese swords.

6. Buy ancient samurai sword collectibles. Do not be afraid to hedge your money on them, since they have been long regarded as Japan’s national treasures.

The Masamune sword and Muramasa sword are but two of about a hundred rare swords recognized to be highly precious and invaluable to the national history of Japan.

7. Invest on samurai sword mountings too. They can be very good in showing off what you got in your collection. They are also functional in keeping everything in your collection organized.

8. Consider selling off some of your collected samurai swords. This is one of the strategies of the collectors whenever they are short of cash and they have a very important purchase to do. Of course, you need to think about the trade-offs before making the decision.

The only principle here is to purchase the katana sword considered to be of greater esteemed value than the ones you are about to let go of.

9. Be especially attentive to samurai sword care and maintenance. Japanese swords are wont to deteriorate not only in terms of physical appearance but also its value if you do no regular cleanup on them.

10. Visit samurai sword experts once in a while for a quick checkup on the conditions of your collection.

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