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Learn the story of Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur that became one of the most famous collectible movie swords in the market of fantasy swords

King Arthur mania has captivated children and adults alike since medieval times. Even if King Arthur’s existence is doubtful, this has not stopped its popularity to spread.

It continues to influence literature, performing arts, filmmaking, and mythology ever since its introduction to Western literature in 13th century.

The search for precious and sacred relics, the upholding of virtuous chivalry, and romance are the main reasons why the legend fascinates the present and coming generations.

The Legend of King Arthur

King Arthur lived to his prime in 7th century. Under his rule, he has fended off attacks from Anglo-Saxon tribes in northern Britain. He has also established the Arthurian empire through successful campaigns in Ireland, Gaul, and outlying islands. Many times too, he has faced and conquered giants, monsters, evil spirits, and fell beasts that dare trespass his realm or challenge his kingship.

Clarent: The Sword in the Stone

King Arthur’s supernatural power has been attributed to the enchanted Sword in the Stone named Clarent. According to the story, Clarent is previously the sword of King Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur. He plunged it into a block of rock by magic and before he gasped his last breath, he swore an oath that only the true and rightful king can pluck it.

The young Arthur, who was only in his teens at that time, succeeded in pulling it out, earning him the kingdom and the throne. The same Sword in the Stone was used as personal weapon of King Arthur and from that time on, it was known as the Excalibur. The sword was later on stolen by Mordred, who according to legend is King Arthur’s son and would kill him in the last battle.

Sword in the Stone replica

There are many models for the design of The Sword of the Stone, since the tales from the distant past have not set its design in details. Modern interpretation however favors a Celtic sword of about a meter in overall length. It has an intensely wrought hilt (most often, a writhing body of a dragon coiled around), with the Pendragon clan—King Arthur’s lineage—insignia extending towards the ricasso. It features a coin-shaped pommel and a gold-plated handle.

The Excalibur sword

In some narratives, the Sword in the Stone served no other purpose than to reveal the King of Britain. King Arthur was given another sword, the world-famous Excalibur, by the Lady of the Lake who wished to shower him with superhuman strength and unnatural abilities.

The sword is stuffed in mythical powers: it can blind enemies with its blazing light, it helped the King defeat a thousand knights in a battle, and it has kept the kingdom from foreign attacks and ruin.

Excalibur sword replica

Like the Sword in the Stone, there is no one canonical version of the Excalibur. However, in 1981, an Arthurian-based film Excalibur sparked the screen and established the prevailing design of the sword. It resembles a medieval sword of simple hilt, guard, and pommel designs. Its crossguard is a basic metal bar, about seven inches in length, and plated in gold.

The blade of the Excalibur sword has a deep fuller running along the centerline. The pommel is, like the one found in the Sword in the Stone, is shaped into a thick gold coin, bearing a Pendragon insignia at its center.

King Arthur Spear

It may be a surprise to some but King Arthur did carry other weapons. There are two recorded blades he used and they are Rhongomyniad, a spear, and Carnwennan, a dagger. King Arthur’s spear, sometimes called the Ron, is a long broad blade. It is too blood-thirsty that it has to be soaked in poison before the battle or it would kill its own handler. It can slay nine gallant soldiers in one throw.

King Arthur Dagger

Carnwennan or the Carn, on the other hand, is King Arthur’s fighting or dagger. No further descriptions can be gleaned from the legend, except that it has the ability to find its target even in pitch darkness. Most smiths interpret King Arthur dagger as a highly ornamented medieval dagger. The designs of the hilt, guard, blade, and pommel vary widely, but the dagger is usually depicted carrying gold accented scabbard and hilt.

Other Swords in Arthurian legend

Aside from King Arthur, there are other characters of the Arthurian legend carrying their famous knight swords and with exciting stories to tell. For instance, Lancelot is the acknowledged greatest Knight of the Round Table and is the most trusted ally.

The Lancelot sword is also interpreted by smiths and sold as a commemoration to his heroic feats. Sir Gawain sword is a reminder of King Arthur’s most loyal, honorable, and chivalrous right hand. Interpreted swords of other Knights of the Round Table, such as Sir Percival and Sir Erec, are likewise available.

Collectible King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table swords

Excalibur fantasy sword and Arthurian swords are all decorative and at best fictitious. This is precisely the reason why there are numerous versions of the swords, each carrying clearly different embellishments. Buying these swords or bidding for them is a good way of collecting your own favorite hero swords. But before you buy anything, be sure to learn some tips in How to buy fantasy and movie prop swords.

There are a growing number of Arthurian fans who now are producing their own versions of the legendary swords. Their custom-made collectible Knights of the Round Table swords are inspired by a popular film or book, drawn directly from historical accounts, or their own creative work. You may also want to do the same thing, too.

It is now extremely easy for anyone to make their own Arthurian-inspired swords. To start to make your dream “fantasy sword” project, you can enlist yourself to forums and online group discussions. You will be able to get a good idea on how to proceed and get in touch with sword making companies.

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