Dragon sword

Learn about the dragon-slaying adventures of famous legendary fantasy swords

Among fantasy swords, dragon sword has the most number of replicas, interpretation, and fiction. In fact, the tradition of a sword slaying the dragon goes back to the olden times. Sculptures and paintings of St. George of Lydda (who lived in 300AD) depict him on a horse trampling a dragon, thrusting the monster with his a sword or lance.

To this very day new video games, adventure films, and fantasy romance novels are recreating the tale, retelling the story for the new generation.

Dragon sword replicas

Basically, dragon swords sold in the market can be split into two types: published fiction and pure fantasy. Published fiction swords are those that have appeared to the public through mainstream media. The dragon sword taken from the Eragon movie or Ninja Gaiden video game is a replica from published fiction. Other examples include Excalibur sword, the sword of St. George of Lydda, etc.

Dragon swords from pure fantasy are those that have been created without any influence of media productions. These are swords forged for the sole purpose of satisfying a dream or a desire. An excellent example would be a dark fantasy dragon sword or a Japanese katana with a dragon-head pommel and hilt.

Popular Dragon swords in the movies

Fantasy swords from the movies are one of the most popularly copied and have the most number of replicas. Dragon swords from the 2004 movie George and the Dragon are good examples. Many replicas of dragonslayer sword from Dungeons and Dragons are likewise enjoying good reviews. Some Lord of the Rings swords, such as those of Lady Eowyn and the hobbit Meriadoc Brandybuck, killed dragons in the film. Other in-demand collectibles popularized by and coming from the movies are Eragon, Braveheart, and Reign of Fire.

Popular Dragon swords in video games

Ninja Gaiden is the famous among all video games depicting a fantasy dragon sword. Replicas of the sword that the protagonist Ryu Hayabusa carries are produced and sold in many distributing centers online. Other collectibles include SmashinGames’ Dragon Sword and Sword of the Dragon.

Dragon swords of pure fantasy

In myths, dragons are feared creatures because they breathe fire and wreck havocs in one swoop. In real life however, they are inspirations to many decorative swords forged aesthetically. Some of the best fantasy dragon swords contain creative decorations such as sculpted dragonheads in the pommel, claws and wings for the hilt, and dragon scales for the handgrip. The throat and the tip of the scabbards are likewise ornamented with similar designs.

Collecting dragon sword replicas

Dragon swords from movies are most of the time decorative. A very few battle ready blades exist. This is because most fantasy swords in the movies and games have magical properties, as dragon legends always demand supernatural abilities out of heroes and special talents for the swords.

But what makes them worth the buck to collect is that they are highly ornate. Dragon sword replicas are filled with intricately carved, cast, or molten small monsters.

For more general information on collecting replicas, read How to collect fantasy and movie props sword.

Designing your own dragon swords

It is possible today to have your own vision of a dragon sword be forged to a real blade. In fact, creating your own sword from scratch has become popular ever since custom-made dragon fantasy sword was introduced.

You can also do the same thing, particularly when you have interests in folklore, myths, and fiction. Now that there are a lot of sword makers with remarkable talents, it is possible to give life to your desired dragon sword.

What you need to do is to look for a company that you can trust, which manufactures custom-made blades. You can find one in many online sword collecting forums or by inquiring to distributors through their homepages.

If you already have a design, then it would be a breeze to talk to the smiths. If not, a creative director or artist will make a computer rendition of your design before the actual forging. You may also be given the choice of materials that go into your dragon sword.

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