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The Daywalker sword was the stuff of 1973 comic book titled, Blade. The book was produced by Marvel Comics, America’s largest publisher of comics.

However, it is best remembered in the film adaptation of the same title, released to the movie theaters in 1998 (Blade), 2002 (Blade II), and 2004 (Blade Trinity).

Blade: the world of Daywalker

The motion picture follows the life of Blade (Westley Spines), the protagonist vampire hunter, who is a human with vampire virus. He was infected when in the course of labor, his mother got bitten by an attacking vampire.

The incident gives him all the abilities of a bloodsucking animal, but none of its weaknesses. He does not flinch at garlic and silver. The more glaring ability he has is his immunity to sunlight. (Vampires disintegrate to bits when sunshine hits them.) For this reason, Blade is also called the Daywalker.

In the first series, Blade vows to kill whoever murdered his mother. In the second, he has to stop the population of Reapers, vampires that eat vampires, from increasing further. In Blade III Trinity, he was accused of multiple murders of humans and he has to find out who framed him up before it would be too late.

The vampire-slaying Daywalker Sword

Blade uses his Daywalker sword to finish off his enemies. Made of pure silver, it is paired with other implements such as silver bullets and glaives. A dark fantasy sword, it has a gothic-inspired appearance: its hilt is solid metal glazed with black with straight bands of silver streaks. The blade is double-edged, has a tapered point, and contains a dagger in its hollow hilt. Instead of a belt sword or baldric, the sword of Daywalker has a body harness and eight chrome rings.

Daywalker sword replicas

Some movie fantasy sword replica manufacturers have interpreted the sword to be 36 inches in overall length, a 26-inch stainless steel blade with zinc handle and silver finish. Most of the products available have stayed true to the original design on the film. The handle is built hollow inside to conceal a glinting silver dagger. Other companies do not have the dagger fitted to the handle and instead, they sell it separately from the sword.

Other Blade movie swords

Aside from his silver guns and Daywalker sword, Blade has also other hunting weapons to kill the immortal vampire enemies. He has immortal silver glaives, which he fits snugly in his sides for easy access.

The glaives of blades are small, less than a foot in length, with finely jagged teeth. Blade uses them as a way of striking enemies separated in long distances. For instance, he throws them at vampires whenever he is attacked on many sides all at once.

Many sword replica manufacturers, again, have interpreted the glaives in quite different fashions. One sample appears to contain only one sharpened-edge blade, with a small handle to place the thumb and index finger.

Another sample appears to have two sharpened-edge blades placed asymmetrically; in this case, the hand is placed on the ricasso in between the two blades.

Collectible Blade movie swords

If you are a fan of the Blade series, there is not much difficulty in acquiring collectible swords from the film. With many sword manufacturing company and distributors crafting Daywalker swords and other blades, you can order your own replica online or through post. Some of the merchandise only include the sword, others have everything sold in a bundle at a set price.

Recommended tip to remember: do a good research on the best product package that you like, as well as its price. Also, do not forget to compare prices and packages from different shops before purchasing. You may end up saving some bucks if you just do your homework.

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