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Discover collectible movie swords from dark fantasy genre

Fantasy swords are great collectibles because they are highly stylized. They can be elaborately hilted or ornately polished.

Their designs do not follow metalworking traditions, such as the revered sword-making culture of the Japanese.

Instead, they are products of imagination of the sword-maker. They can be shaped into as many tricked out ways that the smith can think of.

Fantasy swords appear in many shapes and sizes: they can be an updated version of movie props from virtual video games or popular films; transform fictional medieval swords into real swords; or are fruits of the smith’s creativity. Many of them are not functional swords, their utility being toned down by design.

Dark Fantasy Swords: A subgenre of fantasy swords

The most interesting type of fantasy swords are the dark fantasy swords. They are swords whose designs are a mixture of the fantastic and the horrific. They have the appearance of fantasy because of their intricate designs. They are filled with signs and symbols of horror as well, ornaments that evoke a sense of dread and fright. The attraction of dark fantasy swords is fairly simple: horror is human’s primal instinct, and fantasy heightens it. The presence of supernatural beings—like ghouls, ghosts, and gargoyles—makes the swords all the more appealing.

Dark Fantasy Swords Elements

The ornaments on dark fantasy swords range from the simple to the greatly decorated. The Grim Reaper and the Devil’s Trident (to be discussed later on) are fairly bare from any decorative styles, but they are readily recognizable. There rest, however, can be creatively and imaginatively inventive in appearance. From all the designs, there are common elements of dark fantasy swords.

Since they are references to the gothic, the bizarre, and the grotesque, decors such as horns, skulls, bats, femurs, crossbones, exoskeletons, dragons, and beasts are standards. The blades of dark fantasy swords are forged into a variety of forms: tongues of flame, spikes, pointy arcs, and numerous blade points.

Famous dark fantasy swords: The Grim Reaper Scythe

Oddly, the most famous of dark fantasy swords are very simple and in their simplicity, they capture the essence of horror and fantasy all at once. The scythe of Grim Reaper is the first sword that comes to mind. The ancients have the god Thanatus carrying a Greek sword to cut a lock of hair of the dying.

By 15th century however, Western culture has redefined death as Grim Reaper, a skeletal figure carrying a farmer’s scythe. The scythe consists of a wooden stick fitted with a long sharp blade curving towards a rigid, sharp point.

The Devil’s Trident: The three-pronged spear

The trident is the personal arming sword of Greek sea god Poseidon. This three-pronged spear is later on identified with the Demon or Satan, with the symbolic use of stoking the fire in hell to punish wayward souls for eternity. The Devil’s Trident is carried by a two-horned demon who is often sketched having a furry rat tail and cloven hoofs for feet.

Dragon Sword

The dragon sword is another dark fantasy sword that is as legendary as Devils Trident and Grim Reaper Scythe. The dragon sword was used by St. George of Lydda purportedly to convert one whole town to Christianity in 300AD. It has also been the stuff of legend in many cultures, the dragon symbolizing an adversity that only pure-hearted heroes can slay.

In dark fantasy films on the other hand, villains and heroes alike—such as the dragon sword in Highlander film—can be seen carrying swords with dragon decors on them.

Dark Fantasy swords in Pop Culture

The Internet Movie Database website has listed five most popular dark fantasy/sword and sorcery films of the contemporary times.

These include two Lord of the Rings films (The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001 and the Return of the King in 2003), 1997 Japanese TV series Kenpu denki beruseruku (a story of a skilled swordsman joining a group of bandits to battle a reigning royalty), 2007 Stardust (of the basic plotline staged in the borderline between the real and magical worlds), and 1988 Willow (of the life of an ordinary dwarf given the extraordinary mission to save a baby from the evil queen’s thralls). Swords from these films are highly regarded collectibles.

The Daywalker sword from the Blade film is also another exquisite dark fantasy sword replica.

Tips in creating your own dark fantasy sword

Enough of replicas. It is time that you create your own dark fantasy sword. And don’t worry, you do not have to mix alloys and be exposed to furnaces in forgery to fashion your sword. Follow the simple steps below:

1. Create a tab of possible designs. You can search for a gallery of dark fantasy swords, choose the ornaments that best fit your design, and incorporate the details. The important thing is, you get to exercise your creativity and talent in designing.

2. Do not forget to design the scabbards, additional accessories, mounts, and other sword regalia.

3. Look for and choose a well-known or professional sword smith. He or she can look at your design, tell you what can be done as far as metallurgy is concerned, and come up with a price tag.

4. Be specific in the materials to be used for the sword. This might need a little bit of research, but this will turn out to be worth it in the long run. You might also need to consult your sword smith. Remember that different materials, such as alloys, and different forging processes will result to a different sword. So set the specifics clearly. For more information, read the article How to make your own sword.

5. Be ready to cough up more cash as you would normally pay for a mass-produced dark fantasy sword. This is natural, owing to the economics of scale, and desirable, as this can render your creation unique.

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