Cheap sword for sale

A sword collecting guide on how to buy affordable sword that is just right for your budget

Cheap swords for sale may stir you to doubts, but there is actually nothing to fear. It is true that quality and historical swords, even the decorative ones, do not go cheap these days.

But then again, there are swords in the market that are meant to be kept as a novelty rather than as an investment collectible.

What are cheap swords?

Cheap swords are swords that are sold way below a hundred dollars. They are most often replicas of famous swords. Hanwei Metal Co. Ltd has been selling the Paul Chen katana swords since 1993, and they fall under this category. Other famous brands of cheap swords include Masahiro, Ryumon, and CAS Ibera.

Cheap ninja swordWhy buy cheap swords?

It is actually great buying cheap swords. For one, they are light on budget. Very cheap swords can go for about two dollars and the pricey range can be as affordable as a hundred dollars. The swords in between these price ranges come in all shapes and sizes, making them exciting collectibles.

Two, the cheap plastic swords are good for the kids. They can offer clean fun without exposing them to danger. Three, they can be interesting decorations in the room or any spaces at home and because they are affordable, they can be changed anytime to suit one’s interior designing needs.

Lastly, cheap swords can be a good start for sword collecting. You can buy replica swords that are low cost to begin appreciating the make, feel, and magic of an antique sword.

Cheap ornamental sword

A large volume of low cost swords are ornamental swords. They are a great ceremonial sword, wall hanger, or decorative sword to be adorned as room or space accents. Ornamental swords are good conversation pieces, add a striking appeal to the look of a room, and improve interior designing.

Cheap fantasy ornamental swordCheap fantasy swords

Low cost swords are made also to keep up the demand with fantasy swords in TV, film, or interactive video games. This is particularly so when a new swashbuckling adventure has been released recently. Examples are fantasy pirate swords from antihero films (Pirates of the Caribbean swords), high fantasy movie (Lord of the Rings swords), and Errol Flynn-types (Highlander sword).

Cheap fantasy swords also include sword replicas from video games such as Final Fantasy swords, animated films and graphic novels such as Reverse blade sword in Samurai X and Rurouni Kenshin fiction, and historical novels like Excalibur of King Arthur legend.

Cheap Replica swords

Low cost swords can be a great way in saving money while buying replica swords. This is ideal for those who want to have an ornamental sword with a touch of historicism. This is also good for those who wants to have a replica of a favorite ancient sword. Without shelling a fortune, you can have your own Roman sword or Greek sword replica. They are very good in providing a classical look at your room’s interior designing.

Cheap Japanese sword

Cheap ninja swords are bestsellers since Japanese anime took the world by storm in the 90’s. Nowadays, very cheap samurai sword sets are available. Their unique mounting, the different lengths of the swords in display, and their curving blades are their greatest attraction.

Cheap swords for the kids

Affordable swords are especially useful for doting parents. Their kids can enjoy the thrill of using a sword without exposing them to harm and accident. Cheap swords for kids are usually made of plastic, foam, and other harmless materials that would keep the child in safety. Harsh chemicals like lead paints are also checked to make them hazard-free.

One of the most popular kid toys is the Star Wars’ light saber. Kids find it irresistible to have a switch on/off sword made of light energy and to hear the “zoom” sound when they swing it. They are not only safe from any danger, they can also play their favorite Star Wars heroes like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or Master Yoda.

Tips on how to buy affordable swords for sale

Certainly, it is not a walk in the park purchasing affordable swords. Here are five timely reminders to get you going on the right track:

• Nothing is too good to be true. Remember that you are buying a sword equal to the value of your money. If a sword has been labeled “limited” and “hand forged” and other labels, it is okay to buy the collectible in a bargain price for as long as you do not believe too much in the hype.

• Pay for a sword for what it’s worth of. Even with cheap swords, you can still make a mistake of paying too much. Know the materials of the product beforehand, judge if the sword is fairly priced, and proceed buying.

• Don’t test the cheap sword. If you’re buying a sword to practice your cutting skills, cheap swords should not be your choice. Buy a beater, battle ready, or a real sword.

• Cheap swords for the kids must be purchased with caution. Only give to your kids swords that are safe and harmless to play, such as those made of plastic.

• Be wary of the delivery cost. There are some affordable swords whose price tags become inflated with delivery cost. Check the delivery cost if you are shopping online before placing an order.

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